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Digital Female Leader Award 2021 – Cast your vote now

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Every vote counts when it comes to the audience award of the Digital Female Leader Award 2021. From August 2nd until 15th, you have the chance to determine which candidate will stand on the winner's podium and receives the Audience Award. We are very proud of our powerful women who are nominated this year and keep our fingers crossed for all of them!

Illustration with two interlaced fingers, which has the saying: "It's time for new role model”

Vote now for your Role Model!

Whether “leader” or “young rising star” - you decide who wins the race at the end

The Digital Female Leader Award 2021 will once again honor diverse women who are driving digitalisation forward and actively shaping it - independent from position, nationality, or age. The award is organized by Global Digital Women  (GDW) with the aim of putting courageous women in the spotlight and making their successes and career paths more visible. In the category "Audience Award", the audience decides which candidate or heart’ project is chosen.

Impressive personalities

We are delighted that so many Telekom colleagues are again among this year’s nominees. Here they are, our Telekom Nominees in the categories Career, Digital Transformation, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, FinTech/Money, Global Hero, Health, Innovation, IT-Tech, Legal, Lifestyle, Mobility, New Work, Social Hero and Sustainability.

Now, it's your turn! From August, 2nd until 15th, you can vote for your favorite and see more details of all DFLA candidates. 

  • Alexandra Eichberger, VP Change & HR Excellence, Category: New Work
  • Alicia Nieto Martinez, Application & Operation Engineering Services Manager, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Amanda Schlief, Head of Solution Design Germany, Category: Digital Transformation
  • Amy Meyer, PMO/Financial Manager, Category: Fintech / Money
  • Angelka Veljanovska Ristevska, Shop Manager, Category: Diversity
  • Anita Juhász, Head of Team Cloud Application Operation (CAO), Category: Career
  • Anna Reddig, Leiterin Innovation & Technologie, Category Digital Transformation
  • Anna Troshikhina, Head of Sales and Services, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Anne-Marie Nebe, Accessibility & Usability Expert, Category: Diversity
  • Annika Theiss, Expertin Strategie und Change Management, Category: New Work
  • Beáta Urák, Head of Team PaaS Core, Category: Social Hero
  • Birgit Großmann, Chapter Lead Cross Business Analysts & Chapter Lead PLM Produkte CAD/CAE, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Birte Große, Tribe Head Sales Roles & Education, Category: Lifestyle
  • Branka Bajt, Brand Director, Category: Innovation
  • Cristina Burlacioiu, Manager - Digital Care and Data Analytics Tribes Lead, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Dr. Claudia Junker, Leiterin Law & Integrity/Generalbevollmächtigte (Recht, Datenschutz, Compliance), Category: Legal
  • Elena Kochler, Tribe Lead Sales Intelligence and Digitization, Category: Career /Diversity
  • Elena M. Ordóñez del Campo, Senior Vice-President SAP Solutions, Category: Career/ IT Tech / Digital Leadership
  • Franziska Eichler, Technical Sales Specialist, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Gülsen Uzunöner, Sachbearbeiterin Betriebslenkung, Category: Purpose Communications
  • Heleen Herselman, Head of AWS Managed Cloud Solutions - Global Lead Partner Amazon, Category: IT-Tech
  • Henriette Wesselink, HR Employee Journey Experience Designer, Category: Global Hero
  • Inga Walliser, HR-Marketing Manager, Category: Diversity
  • Iva Maršanić, Senior Product Owner, Category: Digital Transformation
  • Ivona Perazic, Expert for reporting in Accounting, Category: Fintech/ Money
  • Jill Hassler, Senior Management Consultant, Category: Purpose Communications
  • Katharyn White, CMO, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Laura Doht, People Lead, Category: Career
  • Lena Katharina Simons, Expertin Sicherheitsmanagement, Category: Diversity
  • Mariana-Simona Stancu, Digital Sales Tribe Manager, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Maxi Kirchner, Head of Microsoft Collaboration Solutions, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Melanie Ariane Lange, Senior IT Delivery Executive, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Meritxell Rua, Senior Expert for Customer Experience and Digitalization, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Mirela Sertic Jankovic, Head of Digital Marketing and Production Section, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Monica Dalla Riva, Vice President Design and Customer Experience, Category: Sustainability
  • Monisha Saldanha, Executive Product Manager, Category: IT-Tech
  • Montserrat Salvany-Ferrer, Vice President Human Resources, Category: Entrepreneurship
  • Nadine Brunner, Senior Projektmanagerin, Category: Digital Transformation
  • Nadine Daun, Lead of Center of Excellence Process Guidance and Bionics, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Natasa Malic, Planning and engineering of access networks Sector Director, Category: IT-Tech
  • Odeta Limaj, Head of Voice Planning & Rollout, Category: Diversity
  • Purificacion Gonzalez Gomez, Manager RRHH, Category: New Work
  • Renata Kania, Senior Security Awareness Specialist, Category: Purpose Communications
  • Roxana Ceialâcu, Lead Agile Coach, Category: New Work
  • Sabina Ellert, Senior Consultant Diversity & Inclusion, Category: Diversity
  • Sandra Raußen, Controller, Category: Digital Transformation
  • Sia Braimi, Culture and People Strategy T-Global Business, Category: Global Hero/ Purpose Communications
  • Simone Bremser, Lead Strategic Partnerships & Leiterin Online Marketing, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Snezana Tilovska, Head of Technical Services Support Team, Category: Innovation
  • Sue Shephard, Manager of Project Delivery Excellence, Category: Purpose Communications
  • Szilvia Országh, Proxy Chapter Lead, Category: Digital Leadership
  • Tania Valerdi Ramirez, Head of Process & Automation, Category: Innovation
  • Tanja Bokan, Digital Transformation Manager, Category: Digital Transformation
  • Tatjana Stojceska, Expert for IP And Aggregation Network, Category: IT-Tech
  • Tiana Trumpa, XR Innovation Lead, Category: Innovation
  • Yvonne Berndt, Business Steering, Category: Social Hero

We're keeping our fingers crossed for our Digital Heroes and if a name has slipped through our listing, please contact us. We wish all the #DFLA2021 nominees the best of luck and continued success!