Connected Mobility

Connected mobility

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Digitization. Simply. Make it happen.

Digitization simply

Symbol picture Networking

Internet of Things

Symbol picture Networking

Internet of Things

The Internet of things becomes part of our everyday life.

Oliver Nyderle


Growing within the Internet of Values

1 week

Logo of Connected Car Award.


“Digital guardian angel” wins Connected Car Award 2021

6 weeks

Olga Nevska, Managing Director of Telekom MobilitySolutions.


From car to shared mobility. Now!

10 weeks



Data drives mobility forward

15 weeks

In the goods receiving department tablet and smartphone serve for goods receipt.


Putting an end to paper and pen: digital delivery...

16 weeks

Network of services over a city.


Smart mobility in the city of tomorrow: Telekom shows new solutions at ITS World Congress 2021

17 weeks

BMW iX steht vor Telekom-Gebäude in München. Umgeben von Icons, die die Funktionen des Fahrzeugs repräsentieren.


BMW Group and Telekom launch in-car 5G and Personal eSIM networking options

21 weeks

Telekom and Messe München intensify partnership for IAA MOBILITY 2021


Telekom and Messe München implement high-speed communications for IAA MOBILITY

25 weeks

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