HR Factbook for the 2019 financial year

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In the HR Factbook for the 2019 financial year, we compiled interesting facts about Deutsche Telekom’s workforce and the work of the Human Resources (HR) division.


In various sections, readers will find further information on a range of topics such as diversity and organizational culture, costs, productivity, mobility and fluctuation, and occupational health and safety.

Details on these topics are provided in the form of tables and diagrams, supplemented by short explanatory texts.

Key metrics for 2019

  • Worldwide we have 210,533 employees in a total of 32 countries.
  • In total, a benefit of 81 million Euros was generated with employee ideas.
  • In Germany, we offered 450 positions for refugees in various initiatives and supported their integration into the German labour market.
  • On average, our employees spent 4.5 days a year in further training.
  • Group-wide, the employee satisfaction is over 70 percent
HR Factbook 2019

HR Factbook 2019.

Curious? Find out more in the HR Factbook 2019.

The HR Factbooks as well as the personnel reports of the previous years can be found in our publication archive.

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