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Our focal points

Our focal points

We shape the future of digital to make people's lives easier and bring them closer together. To achieve this goal, we concentrate on a range of key issues: Internet of Things, cloud and IT security, and (it goes without saying) customer services. We have a particularly large number of appealing vacancies in these fields.


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These are our future topics, which make us the leading telecommunications company.

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The cloud is one of our focal points. Learn about it and how it could be your opportunity to join Telekom.

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IoT is one of our focal points. Learn about it and how it could be your opportunity to join Telekom.

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IT security

Become an expert in IT security at Telekom.

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Customer service

Making customers happy could be your ideal career.

Telekom IT

Telekom IT

As dynamic as a start-up and as secure as a multinational enterprise: Deutsche Telekom IT.

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Inhouse consulting

The solutions we develop take the bigger picture into account. This helps secure our future success.

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Start your career with the world's leading ICT service provider. Shape the future of Cloud, IoT, Security and Connectivity.


Agile Working

Agility – to some, just a buzzword – but for us, it’s one of the digital age’s competitive advantages.

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We Love AI

Artificial intelligence that will make life easier and simpler – take a look at a future that’s already reality at Telekom.

All the major career events. Straight to your calendar.

All the major career events on one sight

News about our focus topics

Your choice

Werden einzelne Bereiche einer Fabrik digitalisiert, wächst die gesamte Produktionsleistung um 12 Prozent.


Germany's digital factories

3 weeks


Gartner: T-Systems leader in Hybrid Infrastructure Management

6 weeks

Claudia Nemat


GAIA-X: Big step for a digital ecosystem in Europe

10 weeks

View of the New Factory Campus


This is the factory’s future

11 weeks

Part of the ITT fleet.


Fleet management: Safe, economic and ecological travel

12 weeks



Ideas beget products

17 weeks

New collaboration tools must be easy to use and provide added value for employees.


No more watering cans

19 weeks

Data Privacy certificate for cloud servces.

Corporate Responsibility

Data Privacy certificate for cloud servces

19 weeks

Frauen-Mint-Award 2020


Women’s STEM Award 2020 – best STEM thesis will...

25 weeks

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