Ronja Edler


“May makes everything new” – from telekom_jobs to telekomcareer

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Social media has become indispensable to the majority of people nowadays. Companies are also increasingly represented on the various social media channels, mainly to present their products and services. Deutsche Telekom allows the community some insights into the working world of the company through its various careers channels. Below, we will tell you why it is worth following our social media channels.

Have you always asked yourself what Deutsche Telekom is like as an employer? What exciting job opportunities and units does it have, and what makes it stand out from the rest?

Our various social media channels provide you with insights into the working world of Deutsche Telekom AG. We are represented as Telekom Careers on LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube  and Instagram.  
Here we cover a selection of topics ranging from current vacancies and tips and tricks for your application to announcements and reporting on current events. We are also happy to personally answer all questions to do with careers in our company.

Our Instagram account in particular will feature exciting new formats. And since May is the perfect time to make a fresh start according to the German saying “May makes everything new,” we launched our realignment at the beginning of the month by changing the name of our account

. Of course, that’s not all we have in store. We will be adapting the look and feel of our Instagram channel over the next few weeks and establishing new, exciting formats relating to careers at Deutsche Telekom. The focus here will be on our own employees who will share their day-to-day work in the form of takeovers, for example. We will also be interacting more intensively with our community to strengthen the direct communication on various subject areas. In addition, we will be giving you more insights into our company so you can get a more complete picture of what goes on behind the scenes. So keep an eye out for everything else we have in store for you.

What topics and content would you like to see on our channels? We are always happy to receive your suggestions and communicate with you directly.

To make sure you don’t miss any more exciting insights and are always kept up to date, head right over and subscribe to our social media channels.

Stay tuned and stay healthy!