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High-performance sport and a professional career – the cooperation between Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Sporthilfe

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For a high-performance athlete competing at the top level, it is almost impossible to achieve a good balance between training, competition, and career. Some initiatives have been established to enable top athletes to get their professional career off the ground during and, in particular, after their sport career.

Deutsche Telekom has been a national sponsor in Germany since 2008 and supports top Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The objective of this sponsorship is to accompany an athlete in such a manner that they are able to continue performing at the highest level while also having career prospects during or after their sporting career.

A group of athletes stands in front of a screen in the meeting room

Young athletes and junior athletes are provided with valuable application tips and tricks by colleagues from HR-Marketing and Recruiting.

A key aspect of the partnership-based sponsorship is the athlete’s role model function for young people. The young athletes, especially the Paralympic athletes, are idols for people who have similar impairments and handicaps. Applicant training sessions provide the young athletes with tips and tricks to make it easier for them to begin their professional careers. Attractive internships (where interns can structure their time to suit them) and flexible newcomer programs are offered. The athletes are also supported with attractive mobile contracts.

Andreas Kuffner, World and Olympic rowing champion is one successful example of the effectiveness of the measures. He successfully completed an industrial engineering degree and, in 2013, participated in the applicant training at Deutsche Telekom. Since them, he has been working in the Consulting unit and also as a speaker and team coach.

In the field of sport, attributes such as stamina and ambition are required and encouraged. However, exactly these attributes are also essential in the working world and, for precisely this reason, which must be considered totally positive and in no way negative, athletes usually have a great personal advantage when it comes to looking for a job.

More information is available here