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Video games from the cloud: Exciting technology innovation at work

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An article by Claudia Nemat, Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management, Technology and Innovation.

Claudia Nemat, Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management, Technology and Innovation.

Claudia Nemat, Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management, Technology and Innovation.

Playing video games everywhere – MagentaGaming makes it possible. This week, Gamescom is taking place and we are launching our cloud gaming platform. It provides easy, affordable and very comfortable access to a wide array of games. But not only the platform itself is innovative, it is also the technology behind it.

Deutsche Telekom is not turning into a game developer. We offer a cloud gaming platform based on the latest NVIDIA RTX servers with powerful graphics cards. In combination with our networks, we enable a perfectly coordinated end-to-end experience.

The games are made available for immediate use by third party developers, games studios and publishers. They can be played directly without download and installation. With the fastest possible loading times and the highest graphics resolution. Popular games on the platform are for example MotoGP20, Trüberbrook or Asterix & Obelix XXL 3, and many more that will be further updated and expanded in the future. Especially attractive: during Gamescom, MagentaGaming offers the possibility to play and try out some titles that will be only be available on the market at later stages (partly from next year).

The advantage of cloud gaming is obvious: the games themselves and the provision of computing power both are in the cloud. This means that players no longer need special gaming hardware. There is no need to purchase expensive PCs and laptops and no need for constant hardware upgrades. Especially convenient: the games as such, as well as the saved game states are always available via different platforms. So you can start a game on your smartphone and later continue playing on your laptop at exactly the same state.
Our offer aims at casual gamers, and equally at core gamers who don't want to exchange their old hardware for new versions. Or who simply want to access their games from different devices in the best possible quality. Available on the Microsoft Windows, MacOs and Android platforms, MagentaGaming offers many games that were previously neither playable on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, nor on the popular MacOS devices. In some cases, not even on consoles. And certainly not cross-platform.

Cloud Gaming thus joins our entertainment offerings like MagentaTV. Besides best telephony and internet access we offer TV and video streaming. And now also cloud based gaming. With this step we strengthen our entertainment portfolio. For a great gaming experience provided from the cloud, a stable bandwidth in network access is required. We already offer this for our fixed-network broadband, as well as for our LTE/4G and 5G mobile customers. We are also building infrastructure that integrates decentralized cloud capacities into our networks (so-called edge clouds). To bring the cloud closer to the players. We define and configure our networks to provide low-latency and stable gaming traffic, which is a prerequisite for better ping times, i.e. shorter time spans for interaction between the MagentaGaming platform and the gamers’ devices.

Thanks to the latest codecs, the MagentaGaming platform offers improved video quality at the same bit rate compared to older ones. And this is independent of the access device or access path used. Plus, there is no need to worry about data volume. Our mobile services customers have access to an add-on option, Stream-On-Gaming, which includes MagentaGaming. That is mobile gaming without deduction from your data allowance. It can already be added free of charge in many Magenta Mobile contracts.
With all these new features we ensure an experience without interruptions or delays. And at the same time, with the easy access to our platform, we enable many people to #takepart.

Our new gaming platform is a close collaboration of different teams within Deutsche Telekom and with strong partners. Colleagues from my board area Technology & Innovation are jointly working with their peers from the Telekom Deutschland board area on various topics, such as the development of new platform features, the design of the user interface, the management of users and content. They constantly optimize the network and make the service available in relevant customer channels.

Cooperation with external companies is an equally important point in the development process. The component selection of the CPU, GPU and Storage Server and the optimal interaction is based on many tests and configurations of various manufacturers. Our main partner, besides NVIDIA for the servers, is Vortex (Remote My App), which enables the game stream. Since May of this year, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners is also a 13% shareholder of Vortex.

Video Gaming is firmly anchored in our society. Market research states that 2.7 billion people worldwide play video games. In Germany it is already more than 40 percent of the population. For gaming to be as much fun as possible, we work tirelessly to provide the best network and work with the strongest partners. Because we are only satisfied when everyone is connected. And when everyone can play along.

Claudia Nemat

Claudia Nemat

Member of the Deutsche Telekom Executive Board, Technology & Innovation



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